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Strategy of Mind: Organizational Development

Ryan Stelzer & David Brendel MD PhD,  Co-founders

Ryan Stelzer & David Brendel MD PhD, Co-founders

Imagine high-performing environments where people love coming to work.

By applying the principles of Executive Coaching to teams, we provide a cutting-edge talent development platform for individuals and organizations.

Our structured process is user-friendly, focused, practical, and results-oriented. Through workshops and virtual-plus coaching, our services cultivate high-performing environments where innovation and strategic creativity are able to flourish.

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We share 30 years of combined experience at leading institutions such as Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, The University of Chicago, State Street Bank, and The White House.


We have a book coming in 2020!

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Our programs are unique

Rooted in management philosophy and behavioral science, our ground-breaking organizational development platform is designed to help individuals and organizations prosper by fostering powerful conversations that expand communication, strategic vision, and performance.