Our core service:

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Half Day Workshop

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Full Day Workshop

We offer a half or full-day workshop that fosters powerful dialogue, demonstrates active listening, and enhances the key element to organizational performance: psychological safety.

Real conversations with real people will make you happier and your work better.




After the workshop, we meet with company leadership to discuss next steps.

We diagnose the health of your organization after thoughtful consideration and meaningful dialogue. In some cases, we recommend ongoing Executive Coaching or Leadership Training. In others, we advise further Communication Exercises or Strategy Retreats. Sometimes, we recommend doing nothing at all.



Our clients include:


We address the barriers that get in the way of your organization performing at its very best.

Our workshops are rooted in evidence-based practice:

  • Active Inquiry

  • Organizational Research

  • Behavioral Economics

  • Cognitive Psychology

  • Social Neuroscience



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