Our Story

We developed out of Leading Minds Executive Coaching, LLC as a platform for corporate and organizational training. Our founders, David Brendel and Ryan Stelzer, came together in a fortuitous way. Ryan had recently left The White House to work as a management consultant at a major bank in Boston. While sitting at his desk one day, an article in The Economist entitled Philosopher Kings caught his attention. The article cited David's work as an executive coach who leverages his background in philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience to drive leadership development. Emails between the two of them were not ignored. After an intense marathon session at a local coffee shop, they decided to launch Strategy of Mind and recruit global experts to offer training programs like no other. 

We build the Human Quotient.

Our team includes an array of executive coaches, corporate consultants, mindfulness specialists, academic researchers, and neuroscientists. Strategy of Mind is the application of our special ability to make a lasting impact on your life or the life of an organization. 

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