Our founders, David Brendel and Ryan Stelzer, met simply by chance. Ryan had recently left The White House to work as a management consultant at a major bank in Boston. While sitting at his desk one day, an article in The Economist entitled Philosopher Kings caught his attention. The article cited David's work as an executive coach who leverages his background in philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience to drive leadership development. They exchanged emails and decided to meet at a local coffee shop in Boston. 

Both David and Ryan were passionate about building high-performing professional environments that develop leaders from within, collaborate for success, and innovate for the future. They asked themselves a simple question:

What if everybody had their own executive coach?

Executive coaching is traditionally reserved for senior executives or high-potential emerging managers. But what if there was a way to offer an executive coaching program to everybody in the organization, allowing them to take charge of their own professional development, at an affordable cost?

They decided to launch Strategy of Mind and help everybody, regardless of their title, to elevate the executive within



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