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We travel around the world to speak at conferences and in front of companies.

We set out to change the way people think about work. Our talks and articles address diverse aspects of leadership development, career growth, and organizational performance. Through innovative dialogue, your audience will leave with a different perspective than when they arrived.

Wow, you guys are really onto something. Now that I know how to help my clients trust me, my business will grow. Who would have thought?
— Commercial Sales Advisor
I try to pick up one or two ideas at conferences that can help me better serve my clients... All you need to know from me is: THANK YOU.
— Senior Sales Manager
I can’t believe you got us to trust one another so quickly. That was incredible. In two hours we went from saying hello to building a product as a team.
— Managing Director
Ryan Stelzer & David Brendel , Co-founders

Ryan Stelzer & David Brendel, Co-founders

By asking thoughtful questions, we are able to foster powerful conversations that help people grow their business and career.

With over 30 years of combined experience at Harvard Medical School, The University of Chicago, Massachusetts General Hospital, and The White House, David and Ryan sat down over drinks one summer to build a company that helps people and organizations take charge of their professional development.


Our ideas are published by global media outlets.


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House of Beautiful Business, Conference, Lisbon, Portugal - 2017

House of Beautiful Business, Conference, Lisbon, Portugal - 2017

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