The Human Quotient

The science behind our work

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The Human Quotient (HQ) is an evidence based leadership and performance model defined as "proactive" divided by "reactive." The numerator and denominator both have critical cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal components.

The cognitive piece involves proactive thinking (including self-reflection and strategic vision) over reactive thinking (including repetitive thoughts, tunnel vision, and other self-limiting beliefs). It is supported by compelling research in cognitive psychology and neuroscience.

The behavioral piece involves proactive self-regulation and self-management over reactive behavioral patterns including irritability and impulsivity. Research in behavioral psychology, mindfulness, and related areas underlies the behavioral aspect of HQ.

The interpersonal piece involves empathy, collaboration, active inquiry and listening, and effective communication (verbal and non-verbal) over various destructive relational patterns. Supportive evidence for the interpersonal component of HQ comes from research on emotional and social intelligence (EQ), empathy studies, and related areas.

By integrating and developing these three dimensions of HQ, individuals and organizations are better positioned for success in the 21st century.