Are you struggling with any of these problems?

  • Obstacles to business growth and profitability

  • Unclear strategic or creative vision

  • Difficulty developing managers and leaders

  • Interpersonal conflict among key personnel

We make business human. 

Our programs help leaders and teams boost their productivity and performance by focusing on an often overlooked component of professional growth: the Human Quotient.


We provide real value to our clients:

"I go to conferences to pick up one or two ideas that can help me better serve my clients and become a better advisor... All you need to know from me is: THANK YOU."

-Senior Manager

"I can't believe you got a group of strangers to trust one another so quickly. That was incredible. In two hours we went from saying hello to building a product as a team."

-Managing Director

"Wow - you are really onto something. Who would have thought that humans need to deal with other humans... Now that I know how to help my clients trust me, my business will grow."

-Commercial Sales Advisor

How we engage:


Do you have a conference or a one-day lunch meeting that we can stop by?

Are you interested in one-on-one coaching for yourself or colleague(s)?

Would you like us to build a one-of-a-kind annual conference or offsite?

 How about long-term development programs for teams or leaders?


Machines, products, and services are not what makes a company succeed.

It's the people who operate the machine, develop the product, or deliver the service that do. 

Some organizations we have worked with include:


Our programs rely upon an evidence-based methodology called "active inquiry."

This method of Active Inquiry has been endorsed by: