Tom Chatfield

Tom is an author, broadcaster, and tech philosopher. His six books - most recently "How to Thrive in the Digital Age" (Pan Macmillan) and "Live This Book!" (Penguin) - are published in over thirty languages. He took his doctorate at St John's College, Oxford, and is currently a visiting associate at the Oxford Internet Institute, researching a new book on critical thinking for the 21st century. A faculty member at the School of Life in London and advisor on technology and media to Agathos LLP, he has consulted for many of the world's leading tech firms, and speaks and broadcasts internationally on digital culture. Appearances include TED Global, Aspen Seminars For Leaders, the World Congress on Information Technology, and venues ranging from the Googleplex to the Sydney Opera House.

He lives near London with his wife, two small children, and an enthusiastic mix of cats and dogs.